DataArt Lightning Talks

10 diciembre

jueves, 13:30



Let’s meet online during rapid 15 minutes long sessions with Q&As! You will have the opportunity to meet DataArt’s specialists during short lightning talks, after which you may ask as many questions as you want.

Language of the event: English

Topic: "A quick introduction to SRE. Why SRE is to DevOps. What Scrum Is to Agile" by Jakub Kociubiński, Java Developer

SRE is getting more and more popular and its adoption rate is growing by minute by minute. If you want to know what is it all about and why SRE Is to DevOps, What Scrum Is to Agile please join this talk"

About the speaker

Jakub is an experienced programming enthusiast. He enjoys learning an trying out new things, but at the same time values simplicity and the "get things done" mindset. He is currently working as a Team Leader in a project for the biggest online grocery retailer in the world.

Topic: “Profiling with BPF Tools”

I'll try briefly explain what BPF is and how it can be used for tracing, sampling, profiling Linux based systems.

About the speaker

Piotr has been working as a Java Developer for over 11 years and he still enjoys doing that. He likes to know how things work under the hood. This may sound like a contradiction but he is a fan of functional and low-level programming.

Topic: “Recycle It Right - Engineering Reuse.”

Drawing on successful stories of products I argue that ability to take a step-back and redevelop/re-engineer certain project constructs is important to support a long-term product roadmaps and business strategies. There are several approaches to make this process less painful and more straightful: from right management approaches enabling such actions, trough right choices of tools and finally well-chosen and used architectures (eg. Dependency Injection).

About the speaker

Witold is a Java Developer and seasoned electronics engineer, who worked closely with marketing and business on new product developments with large multinational. He has graduated from Wroclaw University of technology and holds MBA from University of Limerick, Ireland. In his spare time Witold enjoys coding Raspberry Pi as well as swimming cycling and running.

Topic: “Admins’ home lab on budget - learn new stuff on the cheap!”

Equipment and software which we use in admins work very often costs thousands and there's no possibility to tinker with it freely in the worktime. Sometimes you might want to learn some basic networks/server stuff not being a SysAdmin, too. Deal with that by creating your own educational home lab to experiment in the free time!

About the speaker

Michal has been working as a System Administrator in DataArt for over 3 years, eager to discover new technologies and possibilities in the admins world. He is totally passionate about 3D printing, electronics and traditional photography. Nothing makes him more chilled than a few hours in the darkroom!


1:30 PM

"A quick introduction to SRE. Why SRE is to DevOps. What Scrum Is to Agile"

Jakub Kociubiński, Java Developer

1:50 PM

“Profiling with BPF tools”

Piotr Wieleba, Java Developer

2:20 PM

"Recycle it right - Engineering Reuse”

Wiktor Kaczurba, Java Developer

2:50 PM

“Admins’ home lab on budget - learn new stuff on the cheap!”

Michał Urbanowicz, System Administrator