IT Talk: "Types of Garbage Collector in Java 11"

30 septiembre

jueves, 13:00



You will all discover types of Garbage Collector in Java 11 and a brief introduction to Z Garbage Collector.

About this event

During the presentation, we will get to know the currently operating Garbage Collectors and examples of their use. In October 2021, a release of Java 17 is planned, which will introduce Z Garbage Collector, which I will also describe during this talk.

About the speaker

Jacek Bosiacki has been working in the IT industry for 7 years. He started as a tester, worked as an analyst, until he finished programming in Java. Along the way, he had a brief episode with UX, and he used to train people about databases and Java application execution processes. After hours, he loves to play basketball, snowboard and play bridge. However, his true passion is West Coast Swing - an unusual, flexible dance.