10 similarities that we found between Bulgaria and Argentina

5 abril 2019
Paula Giose, Celeste Gentilini and Florencia Caccamo
10 similarities that we found between Bulgaria and Argentina
It was an extraordinary experience! We met amazing people and tasted unique flavors. And, on top of that, we were pleasantly surprised — it felt like home!! As it turns out, Bulgaria and Argentina have a lot in common.

Here’s 10 things to tell you why:

  1. People greet each other with kisses and hugs. It is true that they are not Latinos, but they are very similar to our culture in the way they connect with each other, which, undoubtedly, came as a surprise to us.
  2. Bulgaria and Argentina have similar climates. Very hot summers, as in Buenos Aires and the north of our country; and snowy winters, just like those that we enjoy especially in the south of Argentina.
  3. In Sofia, you can enjoy a variety of bars and discos well into the early hours of the morning. If you come to Buenos Aires, the situation is very similar seven days a week. You can go out dancing any day! :)
  4. The Bulgarians are extremely hospitable people. If they invite you to eat, they make sure your glass and your plate are always full. We are like that too.
  5. In both countries, there are endless possibilities for outdoor tourism: there are mountains where you can skii during winter season, and there are beaches that you can enjoy during the summer.
  6. In both countries, people primarily eat meat. In Bulgaria, people prefer to consume pork or chicken, while in Argentina we prefer beef.
    Now you know, if you come to Argentina, you should definitely try our BBQ or “Asado”!
  7. You can find a wide variety of dishes and recipes in the Bulgarian cuisine, which has common characteristics with Balkan cuisine, Turkish, Greek, Slavic and certain Asian influences. Argentine cuisine has been greatly influenced by Italian and Spanish.
  8. Christmas and Easter are lived with great emotion and respect in Bulgaria. Egg tapping is one of the Easter traditions that everyone loves, as it is very entertaining. It’s an egg fight where one holds a hard-boiled egg and taps the egg of another participant with one's own egg intending to break the other's, without breaking one's own. The winner is the person who has kept the egg in perfect conditions.
    Bulgarians also prepare the typical Easter buns,"kozunak", a kind of sweet bread similar to our local "ROSCA DE PASCUAS", a similar sweet bread that we make with custard cream.
  9. Music has a prominent place in the Bulgarian culture. Bulgarian folk music has a distinctive sound due to the traditional instruments used, such as gudulka, gaida or kaval. Classical music is also very important in the country, with composers such as Emanuil Manolov or Marin Goleminov or opera singers like Boris Hristov.
    In Argentina, two of the most important pillars of our culture are folklore and tango.
  10. In Bulgaria, people like drinking Rakia or Rakija, liqueur similar to brandy, obtained by distillation of fermented fruits. Now we understand how they survive their cold weather!!! Although, Bulgarians also love drinking beer and wine just like us .

Both countries are super interesting due to their cultural diversity! Take note: it is not only possible to visit both countries as tourists, but also to have a chance to work in DataArt offices for a specific period of time or even relocate.