DataArt Turns 21!

5 julio 2018
DataArt Turns 21!
July 4th, 1997 is considered to be DataArt’s birthday. Today, more than 2,500 DataArt colleagues in 20 development and sales centers in 10 different countries are celebrating the company’s 21st birthday.

DataArt’s revenue increased more than 25% in 2017, and reached $124,000,000. More than 600 new colleagues joined DataArt in the company’s 21st year, and the number of registered users on the Skillotron platform, launched in August, exceeded 9,000.

DataArt opened a new Blockchain competency center in its 21st year as well. Experts from this new center have already taken in DataArt projects in the financial, health, and media practices. DataArt also relaunched its internal .EDU online resource, which contains more than 200 various technological training courses.

While DataArt continues to grow in scale, the company has stayed true to its principles, which include a flat organizational structure and trust in colleagues. Surveys show that 92% of DataArt colleagues would recommend DataArt to their friends and relatives as a good workplace. Moreover, 35% of our current colleagues have come to the company following personal recommendations from others already working in DataArt.