Irina Nenakhova: “One of the strongest impressions is the office balcony and the grill on it”

Irina Nenakhova: “One of the strongest impressions is the office balcony and the grill on it”
A QA Engineer from Voronezh came to Buenos Aires in December 2016. She stayed here for more than two months, working from the local DataArt development center — with the opportunity widely used by our colleagues all over the three continents. We asked Irina to share her impression of life and work in Argentina.

— Why did you decide to come to Argentina?

— I’ve been always sure, that Argentina is a very interesting country with its famous allure and spirit. Everyone dreams of feeling the Argentinian vibe. I also like penguins, and really wanted to visit Antarctica, Torres Del Paine, Fitz Roy, and to dance tango on the streets of Buenos Aires. And it was really unbelievable! I tied bracelets on my wrists as evidence that it was actually happening, because I simply could not believe that this marvelous trip was a reality.

Having spent 3 weeks in Buenos Aires, which flashed by like a single day, I had to leave that “sultry” city to start my vacation trip. I really missed Buenos Aires and my colleagues and I saw the most amazing landing strip in the world: where the plane comes in to land above the ocean, almost touching it, and in the next moment the runway ends with a spectacular view of mountains which separates you from the water. So my enthralling journey started from Ushuaia, the most southern city in the world.

Ushuaia is a small pretty city which is worth a visit at least for the airport. The only thing I regret is that I failed to persuade my Italian mates, with whom I was kayaking on the ocean in Beagle Channel, to paddle to shore of Antarctica.

I also spent a few fabulous days in Chile with penguins and then I went to Torres Del Paine, a place of mountains, glaciers and lakes.

After Torres Del Paine, I said hello Fitz Roy. There is controversy among mountaineers, which is more beautiful, and impressive, Torres Del Paine or Fitz Roy.

After that, I was all set to admire Perito Moreno and the mountain lakes of Bariloche with traditional “Asado” (awesome barbecue).

Actually my full vacation route looks like this (I marked my flights with black lines).

What did you like most about your stay there?

— Everything! Every night out, every tango lesson, all the mountains, lakes and oceans, glaciers, every penguin, and of course, every “Hola” from colleagues at the office. However, the Perito Moreno glacier made the strongest impression on me. What I can tell you as person who visited Baikal, Kamchatka Volcano, Altay, Machu Picchu and Uyuni, Perito Moreno is what everyone has to see!!! Perito Moreno peered behind the trees; all caught their breaths for exaltation. It’s not a lofty words, it´s real physical sensation! All adults were full of butterflies in stomachs! A couple words about mountains. Mountains are always beautiful and majestic everywhere but in Argentina mountains are not such “firm", severe like in Russia. They are like Argentines, lovely amicable with heart wide open.

And each night I had tango classes or “milongas” until morning in a school, 40 minutes’ walk from our office. All professors speak English (excepting one) as well as there are many people from different parts of the world but all of us were infatuated with Argentina. I think that tango is the direct way to comprehend Argentina’s spirit.

Which cities did you visit?

— The major cities that I visited were Buenos Aires, Tigre, Ushuaia, El Calafate, El Chalten, Bariloche, and some others where I had an opportunity to spend a couple of days.

Tigre is a small amazing city close to Buenos Aires (45 min by train). I enjoyed the road there on the modern train admiring the enchanting and flowered Buenos Aires suburb. Tigre is unique place for walking; it is a small Venice where you can also take a river cruise.

El Calafate, El Chalten are just villages next to nature mountain parks where you can settle comfortably if you are not a fanatic of using a sleeping bag or do not have the required camping reservation (it’s really a problem for Torres Del Pain).

Ushuaia is a small town where you are able to touch upon the brines of the Pacific Ocean on the one shore, while the Antarctic is on another and nothing else separating you from them! You are held together - yourself, the Land of Fire, the Pacific Ocean and the Antarctic!

Bariloche is a city where I did not plan to go. It was here I could no longer cope with the extreme amount of happiness and admiration of this magnificent world. It was difficult to wander in the quiet old-fashioned square with towers as my head was swimming with bliss.

Bariloche at the step of the Andes from the top.

How was your experience in Buenos Aires office? — People hug to greet each other. It’s a bit strange for the Russian mindset but actually it gives a pleasant start to the working day  I was really surprised and enjoyed the Friday parties with colleagues in the office. The strongest impressions is the office balcony and the grill on it for barbecues.

I did not have any troubles working from BA, the Internet in the office was fine and I had access to the office at all times (including early morning) so I could fully synchronize my working hours with my colleagues from Russia, Ukraine, and UK.

They are a fantastic team to work with as well as to go for a night out to a club with and have fun. I really enjoyed spending time with them!!

How did you feel about the time difference?

— The time difference was actually an advantage for me. I used to start my workday at 5-6AM (11-12 PM Moscow) and finish by 3-4PM, so I could go and get to know Buenos Aires until late at night.