“Star Wars Day”: DataArt own research

4 mayo 2018
“Star Wars Day”: DataArt own research
DataArt launched a special section about Star Wars on Skillotron, the game platform for self-testing knowledge for IT specialists. In parallel, we conducted a survey among 2,500 of our colleagues, finding out the preferences of the series fans in different cities and countries including their favorite viewing order of the episodes, the best spaceships, the most hated characters and expert comments.

Here are the results:

1. Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?

Star Wars - 62%
Lord Of The Rings - 24%

People on the path to being an Ultimate Geek of All Times - 14%

Fun fact: The most balanced location is Lublin, the split is near perfect: apart from 4 people who would definitely benefit from proper geek mentoring, the votes are 50% SW / 50% LOTR fans.

The force is very strong in London and Virginia Beach, these mono-SW locations might consider creating an EDU course for LOTR strongholds: Malta and Munich.

Kamil Michalak, Java Developer, 14th February Geeky Questions for Skillotron Contest winner: “Sure, I’ll choose Star Wars. Why? Just because Imperial March which makes it clear who is coming and Chewie that looks like a gigantic teddy bear, but definitely isn’t one".

2. What is the perfect viewing order of the Star Wars episodes?

Fun fact: Guys from BA and one fan from Lublin, stick together, you are the only people who chose the Machete order. It is a path of pain and pleasure, hope you are ready for it!

Alexey Pchelintsev, Senior Project Manager, one of the most active participants of DataArt’s geek movement: "I am an ardent supporter of the Machete order (considering that episode IX is not out yet, but there is a so-called Episode 3.5, which I wouldn’t recommend watching just like Episode I). That is, if you even want to watch Episodes I-III, which after the debunking of the "Darth Jar Jar" theory have become, let's say, not the best part of the series.

This way we get a coherent story of the main character (Luke) with a flashback about his father’s origin. We get to know it at the moment when it becomes at least in any way relevant to us as viewers.

In this case, I would suggest delaying watching Episode VII after watching the original trilogy, because, let's be honest, most of the time it diligently reminds viewers of what was happening before. On the other hand, all parallels can be traced much better.”

3. Who’s invited to the marathon of pure joy?

Fun fact: Colleagues from Kyiv prefer to organize parties with friends, colleagues from St. Petersburg know life and real pleasures and prefer being left alone with their Star Wars swag, alcohol - RSVP.

SW marathon is a family reunion event for our colleagues from Voronezh. Our colleagues from Lviv can run screenings at the office at their amazing kitchen as they prefer watching it surrounded by colleagues.

Alexey Rozanov, JavaScript Developer, has two Star Wars related tattoos (Millennium Falcon and the helmet of an imperial Stormtrooper with blue roses), keeps the helmet of his favorite SW character Boba Fett at home: "From the proposed options the most preferable for me was “with a bunch of friends”. However, I would change it to "my best mates", removing the word "bunch". For me the best way to watch "Star Wars" is either alone or with my best friends.

I watch the entire series (or at least selected episodes) about 3-4 times a year. I think I’ve watched each of 6 episodes about 90 times. And I'm not bored in the least because each time I watch it I discover something new about an episode. Moreover, it is a pleasure to do it with my nearest and dearest. Naturally, when a PC appeared in my life, I learned about the endless number of Star Wars games. Perhaps, the most beloved ones are those that relate to the Old Republic (KOTOR1, KOTOR2, SWTOR), the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series and the old Star Wars Battlefront games. Growing more mature, I, of course, began to buy SW related merchandise - from T-shirts to LEGO sets and action figures."

4. Who is the most annoying character in the series?

Top 3 hated characters:

  • Jar Jar Binks - 38%
  • C3PO - 20%
  • Nute Gunray - 13%

Tier 2 of concentrated rage and hatred:

  • Anakin Skywalker
  • Ewoks
  • Darth Vader (these people have no fear!)

Also, Kylo Ren and Jabba are not on top of DataArt’s sweethearts list.

Matias Potel Feola, Senior Java Developer, Star Wars fan and evangelist: “I’m surprised to see Vader in there (not Anakin). We could consider Watto, the merchant that owns Anakin in Episode 1. As it was pointed out, it was a very bad representation of a racial stereotype, not Lucas’ finest hour”.

5. Who has the best shot to win the top prize of 250 000 Republic/Imperial credits at the “Star Wars expanded universe has got talent” TV show?

A duo of Chewie and R2D2 would be our choice!

Some colleagues from Voronezh would bet on C3PO but we think they just try to punt against the odds to get max profit!

Our colleagues from Kyiv would rather nominate a choir of Tusken Riders whilst our colleagues from Wroclaw play safe - they vote for Lord Vader.

Boris Aprelov, .NET Developer, has been supporting the rebels since the age of 10. In his spare time, Boris works on the blueprints for building his own X-wing fighter: "Ewoks are the most likely to win because of their adorable appearance, tireless optimism, and gentle voices. However, some people do not like them maybe because they are cannibals. Or because of their idiotic fanaticism towards their gods. Or they simply believe that the Ewoks were exceptionally lucky when a group of hunters with bows defeated the Stormtroopers (although the Stormtroopers too are hated for being so inept in that situation)."

6. Who has the wildest hairstyle?

A signature hairstyle is a good beginning if you are after the iconic character badge.

As the saying goes, a good beginning wins half of the battle. And battles are crucial in the Star Wars universe.

Padme Amidala is clearly a Hypebae, Leia Organa gets a runner-up prize.

Anna Velikoivanenko, Employer Brand Manager, on her previous job got your children addicted to Star Wars. Also she’s the proud owner of the set 75192: "On the path to glory ends justify the means, and the hairstyle can turn into an extremely effective weapon. The battle for hearts and minds begins very early. If you want to transform a hero into an icon of the generation, you must start from childhood.

As shown by the joint study from LEGO EMEA and Disney, children in Central and Eastern Europe mainly learn about Star Wars from LEGO Star Wars cartoons, as well as from mini comics in LEGO sets. It happens usually at the age of 5-7. After that, a lightsaber (usually the Jedi one), a black cape, and a mask of Darth Vader are usually bought together with the first set of LEGO. The kid’s dad actually buys for himself and then builds it with the whole family. After that, the kids are prepared to watch the Star Wars. It is interesting that in general they are more flexible and in a game they can easily switch from Jedi to Sith and vice versa. Adults usually are more active defending their allegiances.

Children’s sense of humor is different from that of adults’. They interpret the concepts of "fun", "interest", and "excitement" differently as well. Kids put heroes in their own system of coordinates, remembering such things about them as hairstyle and clothes, since names are difficult for them to remember. And by the way, Jar Jar Binks, whom adults often hate and who, according to one of the conspiracy theories, is considered the strongest Sith Lord in the universe, is actually admired by children. Therefore, he appears very often in LEGO sets. Children also like Yoda, Chewbacca, R2D2 and BB-8 (they are considered "funny"), as well as the Stormtroopers and Darth Vader (these are "interesting" characters). They are also very fond of Princess Leia for her well-known “doughnut hairstyle” - braids braided into buns at the temples (I personally voted for her). By the way, the figure of Darth Vader can only be found in the most expensive LEGO sets because it is perceived as the most "cool" one.

7. Please have a look at our daily specials. What’s your choice?

Fun fact: We will ask our local Support to add more rations in Kyiv, frogs in Kharkiv and some tasty gross stuff (whatever it is) in Lviv and St. Petersburg.

Irina Gorelkina, Comfort Manager, is indifferent to the film series. However, she has completed every quest from the Lego Star Wars series with pleasure: "I'm almost certain that our colleagues will choose milk, even if it's blue. In DataArt’s St. Petersburg development center alone 22 liters of milk are consumed every day."

8. What is the best vehicle in the Star Wars series?

Fun fact: While Millennium Falcon is clearly the vehicle of the Universe, true geeks of St. Petersburg prefer the X-Wing. Classy! Respect!

Dmitry Andrusenko, Senior. NET Developer and the keeper of the Ancient Lore: "The most perfect SW vehicle is definitely TIE/D Defender, since it’s "the best fighter for the best pilots"! It is present in the canon, as well as in "Star Wars Rebels"."

9-10.Ultimate question: Jedi or Sith?


Jedi: 67%
Sith: 33%

Fun fact: London is the Jedi base, whilst Odessa is a Sith lair!

Although, our colleagues from Voronezh stick to the Jedi tribe, they prefer the Imperial Star Destroyer as a vehicle. Well, these Jedis might be grey. We’ll keep an eye.

Mikhail Zavileysky, the head of the global organizational development of DataArt: "I enjoy Star Wars, but not the way fans do. I like those Ewok bears from Episode VI and even Jar Jar Binks. And I consider Episode V to be the most boring one, although my acquaintance with the series began with it. As for the Jedi and Sith, I believe you cannot become a firm Jedi without the tamed Sith inside, as well as a successful (even just functioning) Sith without behaving like a Jedi 99% of the time. So these guys need each other like cops and crooks, although the world would have done better without them. Therefore, I would prefer joining an army of clones, and they will have the force be with them."

There is more fun at the designated Star Wars Section on Skillotron.

May the Force be with you!