To Each His Own Emblem

22 septiembre 2017
To Each His Own Emblem
We gave our staffers in 14 of our development centers the chance to tell us whether they prefer orange juice or Irish coffee, and to answer other questions about their “local” preferences.

DataArt designers drew up special office emblems for the majority of our development and sales centers that are taking part in one of the company’s largest projects. For now, emblems have been made only for those cities which this project team is working with.

To start the emblem idea, a short questionnaire was sent to all DataArt colleagues who are taking part in the project. We asked our developers to answer five questions for us: what’s the best way to start your morning, what’s the best lunch, what is Friday night meant for, what music helps you work the best, and what programming language is the most pleasant for writing code. Our designers then placed the symbols of the most popular answers on special office emblems for each center.

As we expected, almost every one of the development centers in the project had its own unique trait. In Buenos Aires we are, predictably, the only city that exclusively listens to Latin American music. Classical music connoisseurs, meanwhile, happen to be concentrated in Riga.

Sofia is the only city where the employees prefer eating pizza or a burger to a three-course meal. The DataArt staff in New York City, Buenos Aires, and Riga prefer sushi the most for lunch. And in Kherson, Buenos Aires and Sofia, Friday night is meant for re-watching your favorite old films, while in ten of our other cities the staffers believe that Friday night is meant for a glass of old fashioned.