Senior .NET Engineer (Back-end), Financial System

DataArt’s client is an international investment company. We are currently forming a team for developing a large financial system. The product team will consist of several dozen specialists who are responsible for the development of the product, analysis of user experience, creation of the calculation algorithms, interactions with clients, and the quality and reliability of the product.
The specialists in this project must possess excellent software development skills, basic knowledge of the structure of investment institutions, understanding of terminology, and the ability to effectively interact with the team in order to incorporate and implement solutions.

Required Skills and Experience

  • 5+ years of experience in development of commercial applications on the .NET platform and C#.
  • Experience with WCF.
  • Experience with T-SQL and MS SQL Server 2012+.
  • Experience with ORMs such as Entity Framework.
  • Understanding of design and development patterns.
  • Good spoken English.

Additional Competencies

  • Experience with Single Page Applications built on React.
  • Experience with ASP.NET Web API, hosting, routing, etc.
  • Skills working with MS Azure.
  • Skills of organizing the automated assembly of software (MSBuild).
  • Knowledge of Web and Microsoft frameworks (WinAPI, WPF, SSRS).

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