.NET Engineer, Shipping System

Our client is the world’s leading provider of services for sea vessels (repair, equipment delivery, crew change).
We are developing an ERP-system in which the data about all the business processes of the client are stored and updated, including information about crews.
The current technology stack includes React.js, ASP.NET MVC Core based REST API, PostgreSQL, Docker and Amazon Web Services.
We are not hiring the specialist just for this project, but also for one of the companies of the global DataArt network. When the project is over, or if after some time you no longer are satisfied by the project, you can discuss transitioning to another project with the managers.

Required Skills and Experience

  • 3+ years of experience in development of commercial applications on the .NET platform and C#.
  • Experience with ASP.NET Web API, hosting, routing, etc.
  • Experience with Single Page Applications built on Angular or React.
  • Experience with RDBMS such as MS SQL Server/PostgreSQL.
  • Experience with ORMs such as Entity Framework.
  • Experience with a MessageBus based service communication approach (RabbitMQ, MSMQ, etc.).
  • Understanding of design and development patterns.
  • Good spoken English.

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